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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 8, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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you saw charlie down live at the yard. if you are going to the game, do you need the poncho? >> it's going to be congested around the stadium. we have our orange on. lynette, you are representing the ravens. >> yep. we are dealing with that this morning, the rain last night, right now, dry, but could see showers in the forecast as we go in to the afternoon. we could have a repeat of yesterday. the rain and the chilly temperatures will be plaguing us. not going to get a break for today. maryland's most powerful radar is dry, take the rain gear with you as you head out and about. if you can't get home, you will need it later. now let's talk about the temperatures, that's the story, it is chilly, big coat is needed. temperatures in the 30s this morning. 37 degrees in west friendsship.
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we are having the dew point at 37. we have patchy fog as well. 40 millersville with the dew point of 40. sykesville the same, temperature coming in at 39 degrees, the dew point of 38. here is reduced visibility across the area, 8 baltimore, 5 frederick, take it easy as you step out and about. the clouds on the increase and so will the rain chances. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. we are dealing with patchy fog. a good morning to turn on the low beams, slow down and be careful. a crash in harford county, on route 7, hidden stream drive. if you are traveling on 95 now, no tee lays from bel air to -- delays from bel air. 695, harford road, everything
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up to speed, looking at the typical 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 95, towards 83. here is what the west side looks like, liberty, old court road. traffic is starting to pick up, no significant delays, 12 minutes on the outer op b 795, towards 95, if you are using the jfx, looking at the typical 11 minute ride. traveling southbound from 695, all the way downtown to east fayette street. electric bone chilling o- maizing, three ways to describe the crowd. a 2 and a half hour rain delay didn't put a damper on things. down at the yard this morning, with the recap of the game, charlie , the o's and fans, didn't have much time to dwell on the loss. they don't this morning.
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>> reporter: the game starts at 8:00. game one didn't wrap up untiling 12:00 because of the rain delay, first pitch was slated for 6:00, got pushed to 8:00 40, the fans got the -- 8:40, the fans got the wrap up rally towels. the gail was great for the o's and jbyankee fans. 9th inning, yankees exploded for five runs, started off with russel martin home run. that was the case, 7- 2, the final score, fans were so thrilled to have an electric atmosphere as baltimore brought playoff baseball back to charm city.
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>> our guys get it. tic tsñ[hthat lives in reality, they understand the sense of urgency. you can say you got beat by a good quality pitcher tonight, but, that's why teams are playing this time of year. we have good quality pitchers, too. have as we go forward in the are tweeting about was the atmosphere ;cg)xinvolving the f jones said during the anthem, the o that came out during the star spangled banner said bçrt was bone chilling. he says fans need to stay hungry as they get ready for game two. an't go to the bronx if you are down to the yankees, no win to two losses.
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a special moment to tell you about, the start of the game last night. hall high sc?jxwon the first day of school, he got to throw out the first pitch. his guidance counselor tossed a ball. a fellow student is charged with shooting daniel on the first day of school. the counselor is credited with zsuspect. he $m a lot of fans sending us pictures from last night firefighters game. we posted them on the website for you, they are on our facebook page. if you have pictures showing your orioles pride, we want to see them, email them to put orioleses in the subject line. we will show them off for you. before the o's play the field, fans cheered on the ravens and took on the chiefs ñsqueaked out a win. final score 9-6, neither side scored a touchdown the entire game. the ravens are 4-1 on top of
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the afc north. ravens back home this coming sunday, that's when they take on the cowboys kick off is 1:00. long standing nfl record last night. new orleans quarterback breeze broke the record as consecutive games with touchdown pass held quarterback, johnny united. breeze has thrown a touchdown 48 straight game.
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sometimes because they have to work or take care of family members. baltimore schools use robocalls to alert parents about the absences, social workers talk to families when students are missing class. williams missed 33 days of school and almost dropped out this the 7th grade. in the 8th grade he missed five days and made better grades. >> stay home, play the game, eat, sleep, that's about it. watch tv. >> i saw him on the first day of school. one of the teachers who knew him said, this boy hasn't been in school for days and days and days. we approached him and said, this is going to be a different school year for you. we expect to see you here. >> the baltimore city public school system is rewarding students with special field trips, anything to keep them in class. she
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this is a new twist on an old scam to tell you about this morning. con artist claiming to be a state agency are locking up computer screens through a virus. . you may not be able to function without the morning cup of coffee. don't drink too much, it can lead to other problems. parents, the worry is endless when it comes to kids, if you have a child with autism, this is more to be concerned about, especially when it comes to you child wondering off. experts have suggestions.
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we warned you in august about an internet scam that could lockup your compute expe let scammers demand ransom just to fix it. the scheme is back, this time with a new twist. joce sterman is here to explain which state agency they've added to fool you. take a look. >> reporter: you surf the web thinking no one is looking over your shoulder, but scammers want you to belief big brother is minding your business. >> its scary. >> reporter: frightening pause this scam involves con artists claiming to be a state agency. locking up computer screens, through a virus, claiming the only way to fuss it is to send
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200 bucks to the maryland comptroller. she says it's a twist on a scam the fbi warned about weeks ago. where web users end up on a compromised site that infects the computer and gives scammers the chance to lock them up and demand a ransom. >> it's fraudulent and fake and not something, don't send anyone money. that's not being authorized by the comptroller of maryland. >> reporter: scammers want you to think it is. the comptroller's office is putting the word out so you won't be the next victim. we know it's out there. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc2 news. the best way to head off the scam is to make sure that your
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computer is up to date with all your antivirus software. never click on links or attachments. if you computer locks up with the message, you will need tech help to completely clean out the computer. if you want to question the validity of the messages, you should call the office directly, they will help you out. time for a check on the weather, obviously a big story, so much is going on. some kids are out for the day because it's columbus day. >> pressure is always on. can't vibrate. not too bad. right now, we are not raining as we go in to the afternoon, we will see rain in the forecast. it is chilly this morning. later on it's going be chilly and rainy, this morning, we are dealing with the chilly weather and no rape. that's why i'm trying to see the silver lining. out the door, you need the
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heavy coat and we are going to need the rain gear in to the afternoon. satellite, radar picking up on cloud cover across the area this morning, we are going to be dealing with showers pushing in, as we go through the afternoon. you can see it to the south, showers and storms around tennessee through the tennessee valley as of you, temperatures are chilly, we are looking at 30s from clarksville to frederick, emmittsburg , the upper 30s there, 43 shady side and silver spring, sparrows point 43 1, easton, in to the afternoon, temperatures are really not going to warm up that much. we can see the dip in the jet stream, this is going to with us for the next couple of days. the warmer air will move in as the jet stream retreats to the north. we will warm up a bit but we have today and tomorrow of temperatures pretty much below average. future trend, a chance for showers to push in, as we go in to the afternoon.
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drying out for tomorrow and as we head in to wednesday. this is what we are looking now, as we look at the planner for today. 44 this morning, in to lunchtime, 54 degrees. the temperatures will try to go up, not so much. we will stay in the 50s all day long. 6é÷high around 57 degrees. that's coming in well below. a look of the seven-day forecast =#a÷as on cñwednesday are see more sunshine drier weather, warmer temperatures, next chance for showers work in here friday evening. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. woe we are dealing with a serious crash, bicyclist has been struck by a car on route 7, near hidden stream drive, if you are traveling in the area,  stick with route 40 or 95, as your alternate routes. i got ;!roff the phone with pol who confirmed the man has been taken to upper chesapeake. we will bring you the latest as it becomes available.
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95s here is a live look, route 43, everything moving along. a 15 minute ride heading to downtown baltimore. here is what the beltway looks like, parkville, harford road. bel air, everything moving along, no delays what solve on the outer loop -- what solve on the outer loop. an -- whatsoever on the outer loop. traffic is picking up on the west side. 12 minutes from 795, towards 95. that's a look at you time saver traffic. former orioles bj has been an advocate for families struggling with autism. the family founded pathways, a group that he says it's a goal of his to help families in the area. he has told people one terrifying experience as a parent with a child with autism. when his son wondered off. this happens a lot for
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families. researchers with an interactive network, basically surveyed 1300 families and found that 49% of them, reported their autistic child tried to wonder off at least once after the age of 4. parents should consider though, they say, taking precautions. >> it might be a door alarm, putting alarms on the door of the house, so if the child were to wake up, if the parents distracted or making dinner or lunch , the child opens the door, the alarm goes off and the parent becomes aware they are leaving the house. asomething to think about before you grab the cup of coffee. a study shows drinking three cups of coffee a day, could increase your risk of a certain type of glaucoma by 6%. the same result was not found in caffeinated beverages such as soda or tea. 19 minutes after 6:00, hard
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to imagine finding $114,000, if you did find the money, what would you do with it? one man did the right thing. we will share the story ahead. (bell rings)
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hi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better.
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have you hired someone to haul junk away? leo was called to do that at one home, in massachusetts. while going through the stuff, he made a surprising discovery. he found an envelope, filled with $100,000 in bonds. he returned the money to the
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family and the whole thing was caught on camera. the envelope was $22,250 in savings bonds. okay? at today's value with interest, $113,954. >> it's got to be great to deliver good news to somebody. hope chest belonged to their mother who passed away of cancer. this is a gift from heaven they say. it's nice to see somebody do the right thing and return the money. loren is here with a look at caption this. you email pictures and give them fun caption. >> submitted by ali cook of her great dane, the sports fan. we posted the picture on our facebook page. it's gotten comments.
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what team are you gunning for? make up your mind. pj writing in, saying, i'm so conflicted. patterson saying, who says you can't wear multiple hats, i'm just the dog for the job. is that a colt's hat? get that thing off me. a spectacular site in the skies, this over albuquerque, new mexico, nearly 500 balloons launched during a balloon fiesta, shapes and colors, wowed the smallest onlookers from sam the funny fan to sim bah the lion king.
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>> the quiet weather kept the balloons from straying too far. it looked cool. a photographer's paradise, no doubt. today it is columbus day, you know that, many of you might have the day off. we will take you downtown, and show you how the mayor and officials got the holiday started. details coming up.
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